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Chesapeake Jail Ministries

Jesus answered:

       "I was in prison and you came to me"

                            Matthew 25:36b

                                       BEHIND THE BARS TESTIMONY

   My name is David and I thought I was a "saved" Christian while I was on the outside. I was doing drugs and living on the street under a bridge. I would pray to the Lord selfishly, asking for help to get things done my way.

   Since I have been in jail this time, I've really come to know the Lord. I know that I'm saved this time. On the outside my faith was dead because there was no fruit being produced. I was only speaking faith, but not living faith. I wasn't reading the Word daily or having fellowship with other Christians.

   I know now that Jesus Christ must be the most important thing in my life. He must become my life. I have completely broken down now and have given my all to Him. I thank God for the Jail Ministry and the volunteers for helping me to know Jesus personally.

   Praise God!  All honor and glory go to Him forever!    



                  A LETTER FROM OUR CHAPLAIN



   Thank you for your support and prayers for this vital ministry.  We have seen so many changed lives as we minister to the inmates and staff here at the Correctional Center.  

Prayer support and material donations are very necessary as we minister the Gospel here.  However, the monetary need is vital in order to keep this ministry operational.  

Please consider partnering with us and praying for the volunteers, becoming a volunteer, praying for the inmates and their families, praying for the staff and their families, and offering a monetary donation.  Thank you as you prayerfully consider your part in this vital ministry.  

                                                                              In His Service, 

                                                                              Chaplain J. Cox




‚ÄčChesapeake Jail Ministries

"Golfing For Souls"

15th Annual Fundraising

Golf Tournament

Monday May 4, 2020

Battlefield Golf Club 


*This is our major fundraiser and what keeps the ministry going.  Please donate what you can to make up for not having this major fundraiser. Please keep this life changing ministry going!

Thank you!!