"Hello, my name is Johntae, I was on the road to hell before Christ came into my life. I always believed in God but I didn't know Him until I came to jail. While in here I learned more about God in four months that I knew about Him in all of my 26 years. I searched and found so many wonderful things that He did and how many lives He has changed, including mine.  I lost my mother in July and went to jail that same month. My girlfriend was pregnant. I was having to go through a court case and was even fighting suicide. Then all of a sudden I surrendered my life to God. I was seeking Him diligently day and night, praying and confessing. I asked God to have mercy on me so I could get out of jail to see my son born. This is how good God is: everything I asked and prayed for happened! I was released from jail and to this day I still don't know exactly how it happened. I got to see my son born and I got a good job.  Everything was great until I fell out of fellowship with God. My flesh was weak. Now I'm back in jail, but God has never given up on me. He's walking me through this slowly. I'm learning that without Jesus, I can't make it. I just ask again for Him to have mercy on me. I try to stay humble and keep God on my mind and in my heart so I can walk this Christian journey."

"The Jail Ministry is helping me to learn more about God and His wonderful power. The volunteers are awesome. I look forward to seeing them each week and have really enjoyed the Bible Studies. They have helped me clear up some things I was confused about."




"I believe the climate of our jail has been positively influenced by the chaplain and his ministry. I totally endorse and applaud his efforts and support the volunteers that bring life changing experiences to our incarcerated."      

                                    Sheriff Jim O'Sullivan

"I thank God for the Chaplain and his staff and all the volunteers for their love and dedication. They have given us a strong foundation of knowledge. I also thank all those who support the Jail Ministry for assisting in the life-changing experience in our lives."


"Chesapeake Jail Ministries edifies that our dreams in our hearts are bigger than the environment we are in. We are God's masterpiece. We are not on planet Earth by accident."

                                              Alan P. Krasnoff

                                           Mayor City of Chesapeake

Chesapeake Jail Ministries

"I have seen first hand how the lives of these men have been changed. They have been given hope and encouragement by the program, each other and the Word of God. I see them build each other up and support each other while others are for themselves and tearing others down. This program is Priceless!"

                                                Chadd Going

                                               Store Mgr., Walmart

"The residents and staff at Chesapeake Juvenile Services are truly blessed by the ministry. We thank God for their desire to serve His children through the ministry of His word."

                                                  Sam Taylor

                                                 Asst. Director at

                                        Chesapeake Juvenile Services

"By having the Bible Studies and listening to all the volunteers that come in and putting my faith in Jesus, I have changed my way of thinking and dealing with problems in my life. This Program Works!"



Our Mission

To bring restoration to those incarcerated, by seeing souls saved and lives transformed by the Gospel. Restoring lives!



Through Responsible Ministry

Who We Are!

We are a 501c3 non-profit organization that receives no funding from the government.  We work with volunteers from the local Christian Community. In cooperation with Sheriff Jim O'Sullivan, we focus on the inmates at the Chesapeake City Jail and the young residents housed with Chesapeake Juvenile Services.  Our ministry provides the services of a full-time Chaplain, a part time assistant Chaplain, and office assistant, who works with volunteers from area churches to offer such service as:

Crisis Counseling                                           Male/Female Nurture Block Program
Grief Counseling                                            Provide Clothing and Bus Tickets
Personal Development Counseling
Correspondence Study Courses
One-on-one Life Skills Tutoring
Mentoring and After Care